Evil/Lovable Pixies

Are pixies the cute little fairies we imagined as children frolicking in the flowers or are they nasty human-sized beings meant to feed from our energies?  Either way, there are some really great books about pixies in their various manifestations.

My absolute favorite book with pixies and weres is the Need series by Maine author Carrie Jones.  Jones has created some characters that you genuinely care about and when you finish the stories you miss the friends you made.  For those who like to listen to their books this is a great one.  You have to read all four: Need, Captivate, Entice and Endure.  Endure was the June pick for the Paranormal Book Group.

Impossible by Nancy Werlin is an amazing modern-day fairy tale story with a twist – what happens to a high school girl when she catches the attention of the ancient pixie king.

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