Paranormal Kids

Even my kids are getting into the paranormal kick.  Here are some recommended titles for the younger reader from my daughter:

If you are a kid like me and you like vampires and werewolves then you would like the twilight graphic noveles. Its the the twilight story exept its written Bella’s thoughts for narrarations and its also written with verry detailed drawings. I think the pictures are cool because sometimes they’re real pictures as backrounds and drawings over it, so if you ever get the chance to check it out you might like it. Also don’t forget to read the real twilight books because they’re just as good as the graphic novels.


If you dont like twilight then do you like zombies? Or stuffed animals? If you like those then you would love zomikinz. Zombikinz is a fun story about a witch and a boy on halloween and the witch gives him a stuffed animal that’s half teddybear and half zombie called zombikinz. Its a chapter book with a lot less pictures than the twilight graphic novels but its the perfect mix of cute and frigtning. (but mostly frightning)

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